Hai Zhi Trading Company Limited officially registered in Hong Kong on january 16, 2014.

Shen Zhen  Hai Zhi  Trading Company Limited officially registered in Shen Zhen on  June 12, 2014.

There is a word say, Be tolerant to diversity, coexistence friend, Hai Zhi means 100% good after-sale service, Quality is the most important for the company.

The business scope involves 3c digital accessories and consumer electronics products, such as  wholesale mp3 player, mini speaker, power bank,micro sd card headphones, cables, chargers, all kinds of readers, mobile power, Tablet PC, the card MP3, and so on.

Also provide consulting services ; the latter part of may have a related products such as ceramic company office address in Shenzhen, Taobao, Ebay normal operation, the early focus mainly on retail, such as customer needs, you can audit on their behalf, procurement, on behalf of inspection, shipping, and so on through - train service.

Electrical class products, made in China flag export to the world the place, made in China on behalf of the low price, quality poor ; Hai Zhi trading company Limited set up, fight for can do in the company export or issued products, do mass excellent, price low ( low is relative,, as we all know, a Points price a Points goods, so absolute not guarantee is minimum price, only said is the same products quality, price more excellent ; the same price products quality a good ) Shenzhen, Guangzhou for the world export electronic products the main city, HuaQiang north known as the world electronic products Product Center,Hai Zhi trading Company Limited Office address in Shenzhen, Futian District and, Luohu District, The two places, Huaqiang North, 15 minutes by car, it's meant to provide the latest information. Most of the electronics manufacturer in Shenzhen Bao' An, Longgang, and some in Dongguan, from where the company office in half an hour to 2.5 hours per car, which can provide information about real manufacturers of plant, Real line factory supplying the company with a stable professional headphones, cables, chargers mini speaker and portable power bank.