Art of Customization 01: Laser Engraving (USB FLASH DRIVE)
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Summary:Customized usb flash drive, laser Engraving show pictures
Art of Customization 01: Laser Engraving  (USB FLASH DRIVE)

Laser engraving is simple, elegant and truly timeless choice to customize your promotional USB flash drives.

The Art of Customizing a USB flash drive using a highly precise computer-controlled laser head to engrave, mark, or etch your company logo or name or number onto the metal surface of the USB casing is different from other types of engraving:

The technique of laser engraving does not wear out any tool-bits, and so there's thus no need to have anything replaced. This is a great advantage and makes laser engraving a very fast, flexible and powerful way of customizing USB flash drives. Due to the relatively low set-up costs this is also a very suitable customization method for medium wholesale volumes and rush orders of promotional USB flash drives with logo customization.

However, the technique of laser engraving can be complex, and requires advanced computer systems to control the movements of the laser head. With professional high-end equipment precise, clean and tactile engravings can be produced at a high speed.

When engraving or altering the USB flash drive surface is not desirable, a technique called marking sometimes can be applied.. Marking is by combining a range of various techniques, such as print and hot-branding. Todays modern laser engraving machines are more and more frequently also capable of performing advanced markings that would have been done by other equipments a few years ago.

Laser engraving suits best for the metallic surfaces of our USB flash drives, USB flash pens and looks especially attractive on our promotional metal gift-boxes.

The appearance of the engraving on the USB flash drive depends on the material of your preferred model as well as on the intensity of the laser. Shiny metallic engravings as well as dark engravings with a high contrast are feasible.

If your company logo or artwork is based on few colors, text elements or icons, laser engraving might be a good choice for your USB flash drives.

How does it work?

The set-up for laser engraving to customize USB flash drives is easy and straight forward:

Based on vector graphic file our production creates a control program for the engraving unit. The laser head of the engraving system will then burn your logo onto the surface of the USB flash drive casings, removing the metal material very efficiently, as the laser beam can be designed to deliver energy to the surface in a manner that converts a high percentage of light energy into heat.

Laser engravings are a very environmental-friendly and material-saving procedure: As there are no further materials needed, and no waste resulting, laser engraving is one of the most eco-friendly customization options for USB flash drives.

Please ask the sales manager in charge of your account for more information about laser engraving on your choice of models. Feel also free to share your questions and comments here!